4 More Tips to avoid cramps

Picture this: it’s leg day. 

You’re hitting an intense set of heavy squats..

Feeling the burn in your quads…

You rest for a little and get under the bar again.

But as you lift the bar up this time, your hamstring tingles

And there’s the Charlie horse (I call it that because it feels like one)

We can agree that no one likes cramps, especially leg cramps.

So here’s 4 tips to reduce or even avoid cramps 



1. Get REAL sleep.

No, not 6hrs of “sleep” after binging Netflix until 2AM.

I mean a proper 8hrs of deep sleep with no blue light 60 min before bed.

Not only will you almost avoid cramps completely, but you’ll make more gains and feel stronger.

“But Cayden how do I get deep sleep? Or get 8hrs?”

Glad you asked. 

This may sound kinda silly but set a time for every night where you CANNOT be on screens after

Make this time 1hr before you sleep on average 

Because remember, consistent sleep schedule means better sleep

Also, invest in a proper sleep blanket - which is the perfect opportunity to shamelessly plug our collab Gravid x BANG blankets 

But remember, this won’t just get you super natural sleep but it will definitely help. (I hate fake bullshit)



2. Potassium 

This one’s kinda controversial but it’s worked for me for years 

So take it with a grain of salt

But I avoid pre-workout and just stick to fruits with high potassium

Which means bananas and watermelons 

There have been a few studies that have shown benefits to eating these before workouts but then again there are studies for everything in todays world.

If you do wanna try this, eat em’ 30 min before 



3. Read your body 

We’ve all had those days.

Where the warmups feeling way heavier than it should. 

And you feel like you have the test of an old man.

On those days you’re either A) in need of a Deload week or B) having a shit day

So on these days go lighter with the weight but you can still keep the intensity high.

This way you’re at lower risk for cramps since you’re lifting weight your central nervous system is used to already



4. Hit the massage gun

So I just talked about how to avoid cramps during your workouts but what about afterwards?

Massage gun baby.

Especially after your workout, you wanna make sure you’re hitting a nice massage session for your muscles.

Without totally nerding out, it moves blood into the muscles which helps their broken tissues repair fast.

Faster repair means almost no cramp.

So check it out here.