What A Deload Is and Why You Probably Need It

How to Deload 

Ever hear some science gymbro tell you Deload and not have a clue what it means?

Or maybe you kinda do but you’re not sure how to actually do a proper Deload?

Well let me help you out



First off, what’s a Deload and why?

In simple terms it’s a week or two where you go easy on your central nervous system.

By training with lower intensity and weight.

For quick context: every time you train in the gym, your central nervous system goes through a ton of stress - which is fine to an extent.

After about 10 weeks or so of hard training, you’ll start to feel very weak and dizzy in the gym. 

That’s when your CNS (central nervous system) is too stressed.

And working out through this point is not only inefficient but not good for your body

So basically think of the Deload as a soft reset for your body.



“Okay now show me how”

There’s two ways you can go about this.

The first way: keep the same weight with 3-5 reps left in the tank. 

Remember, it shouldn’t feel uncomfortable in your set (to make sure we don’t add stress to the CNS) but it should still give you a sweet pump.

Second way: cut the weight to 80% and do the same amount of reps as you would with 100% of it.

Do this for about 1-2 weeks and make sure to take more frequent rest days

Make sure to repeat this process ever 8-11 weeks. 

Common signs you need one are: early fatigue in your sessions, slow progress and feeling unmotivated (But don’t confuse it for laziness)

If you also really wanna maximize from your deload weeks, use a massage gun on your rest days to really help your CNS reset.