How to get rid of your muscle scar tissue

I had a car accident when I was 19. 

10 years later it still limits me.

I won’t go into details, but it was pretty bad… there was a lot of surgery involved, and I was never the same after it.

I recovered from my wounds, but the scar tissue that formed in my muscles prevents me from moving like I used to.

I was never a top athlete or anything like that, but I played sports regularly and was always involved in some kind of outdoor activity.

So as I was about to turn 30 I felt like I was too young to feel like a cripple. 

I wanted to get back into shape, and I started seriously investigating how to do it online.

These are the few ways I found that help break down muscle scar tissue.



Physical Therapy

This is the obvious one. I'm thankful that my insurance covers some of it because it can get pretty expensive…

Yes, it is painful, and it takes a long time to heal, but if you can afford it, do it. It's one of the best investments for your body.

My advice is to do it weekly. If that's too much for your pockets, even once a month can work wonders.



Medical Procedures

I personally don't like them because I feel they're too invasive, but if you're into it these are a few of the options:

  • Laser Therapy - It helps grow healthy collagen in your muscles. I won't get rid of your problems but alleviates the symptoms.
  • Corticosteroid Injections - These contain powerful anti-inflammatory steroids. The downside is that they can damage surrounding healthy tissue, which may lead to further injury. Not everyone responds equally to them.
  • Surgery - This is a last resort procedure. I myself didn't want to get anywhere near an operating room again... There are always risks with surgery, so consult your doctor before even thinking about it.



Massage Gun

This device is the next best thing after a physical therapist. Sometimes better, because you can use it every time you need to. 

In any case, you should use it even if you are getting massages from a professional because it will keep breaking down the scar tissue in between your sessions.

For me, I felt relief after just a couple of uses. You can check out the model I used here: Deep Tissue & Handheld Massager

In conclusion, I recommend the massage gun, because it's cheap and you can use it anytime you feel like it. If you can afford a massage therapist go for it. If you are desperate, go talk with your doctor about some of the medical options available.

I feel much better now than I did a few years ago, and I'm gonna keep working on it. I hope you do the same!