5 Things You Didn’t Know About Massage Guns

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Massage Guns - BANG Percussive Therapy Massage Gun

The best massage gun in Canada according to many users

If you have ever visited a massage therapist, physiotherapist or even a chiropractor before, you may have experienced the amazing feeling produced by massage guns. Although it may hurt, it's really a good kind of pain and one that can provide a lot of relief. This is especially true if the massage gun is working on knotted muscles that have been causing you some grief.

In many cases the physiotherapist will give you instructions for exercising at home and massaging the area that is presenting problems. You may be instructed to use a tennis ball as a massage tool or a type of roller. These instruments are great for superficial muscle issues but have a hard time getting deep enough to address any underlying problems. 

This is why massage guns have become so popular during the years. A person now has the ability to get a deep massage at home. One of the most popular tools that has made it onto the scene in Canada is the Bang Massage Gun. This is one of the most popular massage tools being sold right now.


Best massage gun in Canada

What You Need to Know about Massage Guns

There are some things that you probably don't know about massage guns and we will explain them here to give you a better understanding of these massage tools.

  1. It's Important to Start Using a Massage Gun the Right Way

Before picking up a massage gun and using it on your own you should first know the right way to use it. For example, it's vital that you turn on the massage tool before it is placed on any part of the body. If you wait until you have placed the massage gun on the area being treated, it can have a jarring impact and you could end up getting a bruise.

If you are using the massage gun for the first time, we recommend using a brushing motion to ensure that the percussive attachment-head isn't hitting the area at a 90 degree angle. Start by grazing the area lightly, and gradually work up to 90 degrees, as your comfort level allows.

You should also start the massage gun at its lowest speed. This gives you a chance to determine your tolerance level. If you are able to tolerate a low-speed well you can increase the speed slowly until you find the perfect speed that you are able to tolerate. Sometimes the muscles have small micro-tears in them and using a speed that is too high can be problematic. Start low and then increase the speed as needed.

  1. Percussion versus Vibration

You may have tried using some vibrating types of massage tools in the past and didn't receive the results you expected from them. Vibration therapy shakes your muscles with a small, oscillating back-and-forth motion. This creates a small and pleasant vibration that targets the tissues on the muscles. 

In the early days, massage guns were constructed to work the same way. Vibrating the muscles can help them relax while at the same time stimulating blood flow. The models of today, however, use a percussion method that goes much beyond vibration. A massage gun, including the Bang Massage Gun, can penetrate deep into the muscle by as much as an inch or even more. Percussion provides intense and deep muscle stimulation, which can work out cramps and muscle knots much better than vibration alone can.

  1. You Need to Remain Relaxed

Many people that reach for their massage guns use them on muscles that are tense and contracting. You'll get much better results when you make sure that your muscles are completely relaxed before using the machine. Breathe deeply by inhaling and then exhaling slowly before turning on the gun and then continue this breathing method while you're running the massage tool across your muscle.

  1. Learn How to Properly Use the Machine Gun Attachments

You'll be provided with different instruments that you can use with your massage gun and you should learn which ones to use and how to use them before getting started. The one that you'll probably use most often is shaped like a large ball and it has been designed to treat medium and large muscle groups such as the quads, the hamstrings and the glutes. It's a versatile attachment that you'll use often.

You may also receive an attachment that looks a lot like a bullet. This is used to target specific knots or trigger points. It should be the one that you turn to when you really need to focus on a particular spot like the shoulders where there are different points where ligaments attach to muscles.

There are other attachments included for various uses and you'll be able to read all about them in the instruction manual you are given with your unit. Many people don't like to read through the instructions and just want to get started but in this case it's especially important to find out which attachment would be best suited for your individual needs.

  1. Aid Your Muscle Recovery after a Workout

After you've done a hard workout you'll be dealing with fatigued muscles. By using a massage gun you'll be able to help them heal faster. You must remember, however, that you have already inflamed, strained and stretched your muscles during the workout so you'll have to be careful. Use the massage gun for a maximum of two minutes for every muscle group you are targeting in order to avoid causing more injury or exacerbating the pain.

A Bang Massage Gun used in this fashion can help flush out the lactic acid that has accumulated inside the muscles. Be sure to drink a lot of water after using the gun to help eliminate the lactic acid along with the toxins that have been released. Drinking water will also help with your overall circulation and will help increase blood flow.

Best Massage Gun Canada

When you're looking for the best massage gun Canada take a look at everything the Bang Massage Gun offers. It has become a leader in the industry and provides everything you'd expect in a massage gun and much, much more.

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