3 Biggest Workout Myths - Bodybuilding Edition

Ever see those Athlean-X videos saying to avoid this exercise? 

But then some other science bro telling you to do the opposite?

That’s what I call a clutter mess. 

So much info that there’s no good info for workouts and worst of all…

A ton of bullshit.

So today I’ll be uncovering 3 of the biggest workout myths out there 

Bodybuilding edition. (So please don’t harass me if you do athletic training)

Quick PSA credentials: I look stage ready on a bulk

Anyways here we go


1. Anabolic window 

This one drives me NUTS.

I used to be that guy who’d pack his chicken breast in the smelly lockers just so I could hit my post-workout protein immediately.

Well good news is you don’t have to because guess what?

As long as you eat some form of protein 4-6 hrs after your workout, you’ll be fine.

So leave the chicken and rice at home - it can wait.


2. You need 4+ sets to grow

You only need 2-3.

It’s so weird at first.

I was the same for my first 2 years. I mean come on - 2 sets? 

I want you to think about it for a second though:

How could you possibly last 4 or more sets if you train hard?

By training hard I’m talking about having 2 reps left in the tank.

Plus, numerous studies have proven that 2-3 sets is better for building muscle


3. Stop near failure 

Speaking of intensity, I see so many new guys at the gym stopping when they have 5-6 reps left.

That’s how you stay small and make the progress of an old man.

This may spark some of you, but most of you don’t even train anywhere near failure

So why would you stop near what you consider “failure” when you probably have 4 reps left.

Train to the point where you’re grunting and your muscles hurt so much that you make the ugly squinty face.

Because remember - the human mind is weak and doesn’t like discomfort.